The Board, which has over 100 years of experience in mining and natural resources development, financing and corporate management, aims to utilise this experience in executing its strategy and deliver shareholder value. The focus is on “strategic metals” as defined by the US and EU with additional polymetallic and gold projects also being considered. The primary geographic is Southern Africa and the Americas although individual projects will be assessed on their own merits.

The Board believes there is significant opportunity in the high value critical metal space as demand increases and supply constraints are accentuated. Critical metals demand is being driven by both the traditional sectors, including high tech manufacturing and defence, as well as fast growing developing markets including wind turbines, electric vehicles, next generation batteries, solar cells and energy efficient lighting.

Through its extensive contact base, the Company is actively evaluating opportunities in commodities including tantalum, niobium, antimony, copper, cobalt and rare earth elements.



The Board of Critical Metals aims to build a significant company in the strategic metals arena through utilising its cumulative experience and acquiring near-term producing assets at private equity valuations and leveraging production to grow earnings and build shareholder value.

The Company has a stringent evaluation policy focused on key metrics which it believes will allow it to identify the investment gaps in the small mining market and pursue RTO opportunities. The focus is primarily on known deposits rather than exploration, with low entry costs and the potential to generate near-term cash flow. With relatively low entry costs, the Company will be able to preserve working capital for project development, build balance sheet strength and therefore reduce dilution.