Critical Metals Plc

Critical Metals Plc is an investment vehicle formed to identify and acquire brownfield mining opportunities in the strategic metals sector as defined by the United States and European Union. With strong demand fundamentals and pricing, the initial focus is on near-term production opportunities, prioritising cash flow generation over exploration upside and where the Board believes opportunities have been overlooked and under-analysed.

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This tells us that there is a massive shift towards #EV #ElectricVehicles . And #China drivers are keen consumers!

#African #Africa #DRC #DRCongo #copper #cobalt #USA #Russia #Ukraine #NATO #Finland #Metals #Mining

I am sure the #CRTM $CRTM Board of Directors, as legal fiduciaries on behalf of all shareholders, would disagree w/your statement 'protecting shareholders is irrelevant'. And how are s/h getting shafted? What do you know that no one else knows?

jamie cheets@shareprofiti

@CriticalMetals_ I think the amount of time it’s taken, protecting shareholders is irrelevant, the markets are awful. Shareholders getting shafted now anyway

#Peterhouse has done a GREAT job. The FCA doesnt give windows to readmit, the Eligibility Committee is the final word.

Yes,there is a massive danger of relisting. Would you prefer the dangerous relisting where the corners are cut and mistakes made? Or would you prefer the doing the process correctly as a 1st transaction, in a complex jurisdiction, thereby protecting all shareholders?

jamie cheets@shareprofiti

@CriticalMetals_ Any danger of relisting?

Why? What do you know that the FCA or LSE doesnt know?
What do you know that Hill Dickinson, Strand Hanson, Liederkerke, Mazars, MBM, or PKF doesnt know?


@CriticalMetals_ Rns required !


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