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    “…Studies show that trading on the OTC by an international company positively effects share liquidity and trading as part of an active development plan to unlock the inherent value of our Molulu #Copper project…”

    #CRTM CEO Russell Fryer

    “We are delighted to be listing our shares on the OTCQB alongside our current @LSEplc listing.The OTC is a prestigious market, with an accessible platform through which U.S., Canada, and Mexico based investors can now engage with #CRTM”

    CEO Russell Fryer

    “…Copper’s had it run but equities still need to catch up - Société Générale…”

    Mining equities are finally garnering attention as one bank sees growing potential as higher commodity prices create some value within the sector.

    #CRTM $CRTM #Copper


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